About Hitaishini

Smt. Vijaya Mukherjee (+91 98302 19414)

Smt. Dipti Roy (+91 92305 13328)

Smt. Nupur Chakraborty (+91 98319 99969)

Smt. Krishna Dutta

Smt. Pami Shah (+91 98307 55895)

Smt. Sabita Dutta (+91 98303 03362)

HITAISHINI, based in Kolkata , was formed by Vijaya Mukherjee in Nov. 1995 with a group of breast cancer survivors, and a couple of socially committed women as the West Bengal chapter of the Mastectomy Association of India. Subsequently, in 2000 , it was registered as "HITAISHINI (M.A.I.-W.B.)", being the only breast cancer support group in Eastern India.
The Lotus motif on top symbolises Life, Serenity and Inner peace. A cancer survivor epitomises all these and more, for she is the model from whom similar patients draw courage, hope and faith.
HITAISHINI is a totally voluntary , non-profit making charitable organization formed with the sole purpose of helping breast cancer patients in eastern India. It is run entirely by ladies – cancer survivors and some socially committed women in West Bengal. Its activities are actively supported by women social workers and health professionals and are solely dependent on voluntary donations and fund raising activities.
Besides running FREE breast cancer clinics at different cancer hospitals in and around Kolkata to help and guide poor and needy female patients coming from different parts of the eastern region, HITAISHINI organizes regular programmes to enhance cancer awareness among the people.