Declaration of Rights of People with Cancer

This Declaration was adopted by the All India Cancer Support Conference , Delhi: 25 and 26 Nov. 2000

For the well being of people with cancer (adopted by Hitaishini)

... to equal concern and attention whatever my gender, cast, age, life style, degree of able-bodiedness, sociao-economic status, or religious belief.
... to be treated with respect and dignity, and to have my physical, emotional, spiritual social and psychological needs taken seriously and responded to throughout my life, whatever my prognosis.
... to know I have cancer, to be told in a sensitive manner and to share in all decisionmaking about my treatment and care in honest and informative discussions with relevant specialists and other health professionals.
... to be informed fully about treatment options and to have explained to me the benefits, side-effects and risks of any treatment.
... to be asked for my informed consent before I am entered into any clinical trial.
... to a second opinion, to refuse treatment or to use complementary therapies without prejudice to continued medical support.
... to have any special welfare needs acknowledged, including those arising out of physical disability, and benefit claims responded to promptly.
... to be considered for medical and life insurance.
... to be granted medical leave as and when required during treatment, and after, for periodic check-ups.
... to be employed, promoted or accepted on return to work according to my ability and experience and not according to assumptions about my disease and its progression.
... to easy access to information about local and nationalo services, cancer support and self help groups and practitioners that may be useful in meeting my needs.
... to receive support and information to help me understand and come to terms with my disease, and to receive similar support for my family and friends.
... to receive quality care even through I may not be able to afford it.
... to receive continuing care, ensuring my quality of life, after my cancer comes back and is no longer considered curable.