HITAISHINI is a voluntary non-profit Breast Cancer Support Network, the first of its kind in Eastern India. It is a forum member of Reach-to-Recovery International, head-quartered in Queensland, Australia and one of the founder members of Cancer Care India, New Delhi. Its member volunteers comprise breast cancer survivors and socially committed women. It runs Breast Clinics, attached to Hospitals and Cancer Centres in and around Kolkata, to provide psychological, emotional, medicinal and rehabilitative support to women afflicted with breast cancer. HITAISHINI also conducts Awareness Camps, Seminars, Workshops and 'Walks' to propagate knowledge about breast cancer among the masses.


Smt. Vijaya Mukherjee

Our Services

  • Regular Breast Cancer Clinics are run at different hospitals
  • Gives medicinal support to the poor patients
  • Communicates positive energy to the sufferers of breast cancer patients
  • Provides physical support by teaching exercises to the post-operative patients and by using Pneumatic Compression Devices to avoid lymphedema
  • Works with patients and their families to rehabilitate back in life

About Breast Cancer


The exact cause or causes of breast cancer remain unknown. Yet scientists have identified a number of risk factors that increase a person's chance of getting this disease. Certain risk factors, such as age, are beyond our control; whereas others, like drinking habits, can be modified.

Risk Factors:

Age, Previous Breast Cancer,
Family History Of Breast Cancer, Genetic Mutations.

Become a Member

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” - Mother Teresa

If you are blessed with the gift of time, please use it to help us. Our volunteers include survivors and some socially committed women from all walks of life. Volunteers can choose to volunteers 2-3 days a week for about 2 hours each day. We are spread across the city, making it easier to select a convenient location for you.

Current Event



A one-day seminar on “Palliative Care” was organized by Hitaishini on 15th December 2018 at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark ,Kolkata.

The Keynote address was delivered by Padmashri Dr. M. R. Rajagopal, Chairman, Pallium India. Dr. Rajagopal, who is often referred to as the “father of palliative care in India “ pointed out in his in lecture that medical care .....



Hitaishini has been entrusted by the Inner Wheel Club of Tollygunge Prantik

Hitaishini has been entrusted by the Inner Wheel Club of Tollygunge Prantik, DIST-329 with other participating clubs to execute their Lead Project of supporting breast cancer afflicted patients. Photos show Smt. Nupur Chakraborty, President and Smt. Krishna Dutta, Secretary, Hitaishini in a meet on 13th December, 2018 with the Executive Members of Inner Wheel Club of Tollygunge Prantik.


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