International Women’s Day

On this day the 8th March, we proudly celebrate our womanhood with immense joy . We are proud that we are kind, compassionate and have loving souls we love to love. Strength, empowerment, depth and intuition are the elements of femininity that keep us going.

On this day we salute Smt. VIJAYA MUKHERJEE, For she lit the lamp of sacrifice, support and sympathy by founding HITAISHINI, a Breast Cancer Support organization , a first of its kind in Eastern India in 1995.Without her constant motivation and guidance the organization could not have stepped in the 26th years of its journey of fulfillment of our mission of helping and supporting the distressed breast cancer patients. She has always been an inspiration to us.

We, the caregiver and survivor volunteers feel proud on this Women’s Day as we endeavour to make women aware of the disease like breast cancer and render assistance to avail treatment for recovery from the disease and lead a normal life .

Few pictures are presented from our gallery showing various activities of our volunteer members during the last five years, including the pandemic (year 2020).

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